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we could accelerate drug and diagnostic discovery for millions of dementia patients by creating the largest disease-specific proteomics dataset ever assembled?


The lack of treatment and diagnostic options for patients with neurodegenerative disorders remains a major barrier to effective care for over 57 million individuals in need.


A better understanding of the key drivers of neurodegenerative disorders—including disease mechanisms specific to and shared among these different diseases—to inform better diagnosis and treatment options.

The GNPC’s Harmonized Data Set (HDS)

By uniting diverse data and researchers working on neurodegenerative disorders globally, we seek to contribute to the advancement of the diagnosis and treatment of conditions impacting over 57 million people in need.

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To date, the GNPC has gathered over 40,000 patient samples from over 20 international research groups to create our V1 Harmonized Data Set (HDS), comprising nearly 300,000,000 unique protein measurements. The HDS spans multiple neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

This represents the world’s largest protein biomarker discovery effort for neurodegenerative diseases. The HDS includes proteomics data from some of the largest and most highly characterized clinical cohorts in the world.

Our preliminary research efforts will use both longitudinal and cross-sectional data and focus on the insights gained from protein and proteogenomic analyses. Our goal is to better understand mechanisms specific to a single disease as well as those shared across multiple neurodegenerative disorders.


Consortium members and partners

GNPC members include top research institutions from around the world working across multiple neurodegenerative disorders. The consortium is also a first-of-its-kind public-private partnership that brings together academic, governmental and industry researchers to collaborate. Our functional partners the Alzheimer’s Disease Data Initiative (AD Data Initiative), MMS and SomaLogic contribute their services to support our rigorous attention to privacy and security.

Funding partners

Gates VenturesJohnson & Johnson

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Program partners



ACE Alzheimer Center
Chariot PRO
Eberhard Karls
Emory University
Global Alzheimer's Platform Foundation
Indiana Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Kansas University Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
Lund University
Mayo Clinic
Neurologische Klinik
Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative
Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center
The Swedish Biofinder Study
US Department of Human Services
Washington University in St. Louis

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Please contact info@neuroproteome.org with inquiries about joining the Global Neurodegeneration Proteomics Consortium (GNPC) or questions about accessing the resulting data.